Anna Katharina Culha

High Heels

Don’t we all want to glide through crowds on high heeled shoes, turning heads and feel on top of the world? There is hardly anything that will elevate your spirits and self-image like a great pair of high-heels. Put these on your wall with to remind you of you feminine greatness! //// High quality giclée […]

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High quality giclée print on Epson semi-gloss. We carefully cover your fine art prints with recyclable tissue paper, eliminating the danger of any scratches or folds. Your order is then placed into a robust 100% sustainably sourced recyclable cardboard envelope or tube. All shipping costs are calculated at the checkout based on the weight and the location

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Clara Bow I It Girl

Clara Bow was the first IT Girl and she hat that certain quality one could only define as “IT”. She lived fully, enjoyed all that life had to offer and inspired many young women to be themselves, full of life and full of fun.  This print is there to remind you everyday that you are supposed

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Chanel Necklace

The epitome of French elegance and luxury and one of the most iconic brands in the world. Chanel is not simply a fashion house – it is a lifestyle. It is about doing away with all that is superfluous and focusing on the essential, on the valuable. This will always stand out.  ///// High quality giclée

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Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford is one of the most extraordinary actresses of all times. Her style defined the 1930s and made her an unforgettable fashion icon.  This dress is from a promotional shoot and is just all that is Joan Crawford – elegant, strong, extraordinary and eternally stylish.  //// High quality giclée print on Epson semi-gloss. We carefully cover

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Chanel Lipstick

“If you are sad, put lipstick on and attack.” – Coco Chanel.  How is that for a reminder of how powerful a nice shade of red can be? It’s not simple makeup. It’s a physical reminder of how strong we are. Dare to live your life. Dare to take on those big goals. Dare to

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