Steal with Pride

How to live your very own Doris Day life

Hi, I'm Kat!
What I am most passionate about is to inspire you to see that your life is your own and biggest masterpiece.

I love Doris Day. She was funny and beautiful, always wore such nice clothes, was quick-witted and smart – and loved dogs. She was always friendly and accommodating and never seemed to complain and kept all the contractual rules. She even did her super-successful Doris Day show, although she never wanted to be on TV because her husband and manager had negotiated such a contract before he died. 

She sounds like a real superwoman to me, doesn’t she? 

Well, someone else named Sharon Krum thought like this and penned the book “The thing about  Jane Springs”, in which a rather masculine woman tries to embody Doris Day to become more likeable and get the man of her dreams. Well, I don’t want to spoil the book for you (because I have read it 4 time already I think), I want to say as much: It is only half the story. And it had made me think over and over again. And I now regret that I didn’t put it to the test. But, well, I didn’t want to be EXACTLY like Doris Day. But the idea of the book is exactly what I would suggest now to anyone asking me for advice how to better their lives. 


I totally agree that you need to embody that person that you want to be, dress like her, create your surroundings just like her, talk like her, do what she would do.

  1. Dress like her
  2. Talk like her
  3. Make your surroundings fit for her
  4. Act like her
  5. Have like her

But the thing that I was missing really: Be authentically you while trying to be somebody else. Because as much as I love the idea, you can never be exactly like anybody else. No matter how much you train to talk exactly somebody else, it will always be a copy. Be the best possible version and vision of yourself. So, I do not like the idea of trying to copy somebody else. But rather look inside you, what kind of unique personality or goddess or heroine is there inside you, trying to be found, awakened and nourished. And I would suggest steal with pride. What I mean is: Don’t copy. Ever. It will not work in school. At university or at work. No matter which industry you are in – copying someone else’s work will always lead to a big pile of problems, which we don’t actually want, right? Why do you think it would be recommended to copy an entire image or persona? You will never be as good as the original anywhere, so don’t try. But, what I do recommend is to create that vision of yourself. Where do you see yourself next month, next year, in five years? What do you want to accomplish by then?

With all my love!




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