Superwoman Syndrome

Why you can't have it all at the same time

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Some of us are suffering badly from the Superwoman Syndrome. We think we an do it all, be it all. Have a career, have a family, serve only home-cooked meals and be the reliant busy bee at work delivering everything on point, drive the kids to their extracurriculars with some healthy snacks and witty banter but also always being available to put out fires at work. You know what happens? Sooner or later, you will break down. This is not a sustainable way of living. Depending on your threshold for stress, you might be able to pull it off for a couple of years.


But this not only applies to mothers, although it is most obvious in their case as they face some additional stressor. But, also if you are a professional without kids, juggling various responsibilities: Are you really good at delegating? At asking for help? Are you constantly worried of not delivering to standard? 

This is the Superwoman Syndrome! 

Women of all ages suffer from it. The need to get everything done perfectly, not needing any help  from anybody. Feeling ashamed when they drop the ball – and even if that ball only happens to be dinner. 

Where does this come from? 

Usually, it comes from the feeling of being “not good enough”. This is what is all comes down to actually. 

When I was younger, I had so much energy, could skimp on sleep and made it through my To Do lists without any problem. My mode was to do all the things that “one” should do and do the things that I deemed important on top of it. And you know what? I suffered burn-outs and breakdowns like no other once my crappy self-care caught up with me. So, I had to find a mode of living that was more sustainable  especially being a mom. 

So, what can you do to overcome this syndrome? Because, even though Superwoman is super great, she ain’t no mortal human like you. 

Your steps to making it work for you

  1. Prioritise 

You cannot be all, do all and have all – all at the same time. It simply ain’t possible. Sad, but true. So, what is really important to you? What is important right now and in the long-run for your life?   Apply the short-time frame of mind as well as the long-term vision to make an informed decision. Because sometimes we think something is important because it simply is right there in our faces, but actually, in the grand scheme of things, it ain’t all that important. Have a real heart-to-heart with yourself and what your priorities are. Don’t know what your priorities are? Then, it’s time to find out. It’s no ideal way of living to try to keep all doors open. 

  1. Focus

Once you have your priorities in line, make sure you focus on the things that matter most and let the other ones slide, delegate or postpone to a later point in time. 

Does focus mean you will shut own everything else? No, it simply means you know what you need to accomplish – you hold yourself accountable and you won’t get sidetracked by shiny objects, great offerings or catchy headlines that have nothing to do with your goals. 

  1. Delegate

Who can do this better, faster and cheaper than you? If you are like me, you most probably think that another person won’t be able to do things just the way you do them. That might be true. But what are the costs for this? Your time and energy is valuable. What is it that you cannot do because you are so adamant at folding the laundry yourself? Be honest with yourself what you can delegate, where you can let the standard slide a little and where you can totally trust someone else. There are different levels of delegation and you need to find your groove. 

  1. Enjoy

The best protection against Superwoman syndrome is to enjoy life, to indulge, to pamper yourself and to make yourself a priority.

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