The Most Important Thing in Your Life

We all seek different things in life - but knowing yourself will always will

Hi, I'm Kat!
What I am most passionate about is to inspire you to see that your life is your own and biggest masterpiece.

The most important thing in your life is to know yourself! That’s basically it.

But – there is more to the story of course. 

In order to know yourself you need to ask yourself LOTS of questions to get to the roots of your thinking and feeling. These questions are just starter points – be sure to listen to the episode as I give you way more background info. 



  • What types of food make you feel great and which ones make you feel sluggish and bloated? 
  • How are you reacting to different foods, temperatures, spices, ingredients?
  • What kind of movement makes your body feel energized and alive? 
  • What kind of ailments are you having? Where are the aches and pains you are suffering from?


  • What beliefs and thoughts do you have? 
  • How do you see the world? 
  • What were the influences that made you belief things the way you do? 
  • How do you see yourself and why is that? 
  • Are you self-sabotaging? And when, how? 


  • Do you belief in something higher than yourself? 
  • How do you see the world and the people? Connected? Disconnected? 
  • Do you feel part of something bigger? 
  • What is the purpose of your life and all the life around you? 


  • How is your environment affecting you? 
  • How do you like your home? 
  • How do the people around you make you feel? 
  • Who are the people, things and surroundings that lift you up and which tear you down? 

And when you face all these questions, you need to ask yourself for each area: What is one thing that would make me feel better in this particular area of my life? 

If you do this work, I can guarantee you that your life will get better by leaps and bounds. 

With all my love!




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