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Hi, I'm Kat!
What I am most passionate about is to inspire you to see that your life is your own and biggest masterpiece.

How do people succeed? Nowadays, there seem to be so many people who know the exact formula for success and try to sell it to you. 

But there are three principles that will get you to succeed in whichever endeavour and you definitely don’t need to buy some expensive program to implement them. Together they are what I call “Varied Consistency”. 


Principle #1 Habits

Maybe you have been on the habits train for quite a while and have already implemented some or many skillfully – maybe you are brand-new to this and I will explain a little bit further. In short: Habits are your best friends to get the life you want. Habits train your body and mind to internalise the actions you are doing – passing them on to the subconscious. The subconscious is exactly that – below the threshold of your conscious awareness. The most common example for this would be driving a car. When you drive for the first time, it is nerve wrecking, you always tend to forget one thing or the other and listening to the radio whilst driving or parking seems unthinkable. But over time, it becomes second nature, you zone out while driving, you can talk on the phone, whip out snacks and drinks for the kids and find the new location you have never been to. Because the motions of driving become so ingrained, our brain determines that it is time to pass them on to the subconscious because it is so habitual and repetitive. Repetition is the key. The more you do something, the more ingrained it becomes, the less time and willpower is associated with it – because it is simply what you do. On autopilot. So, whatever your definition of success is – money, a big family, a business, a degree, a perfect house. Whatever. You need to determine: What habits will get me there? What little or big things can I do daily that will move the needle just a tidbit further towards my dream goal? Implement. Rinse. Repeat. On autopilot. 

Principle #2 Variation

But, doing the same thing again and again and again can sometimes lead not to your goal, but to the total opposite. Well, not when driving probably, but when it comes to life habits, to wellness habits, to career habits, you need to evaluate them regularly to be sure that they are on track. 

If you want to have a healthy body and therefore implement the habit of working out – will you see the best results if you just do bicep curls day in and day out? It is better than nothing, but definitely not the fastest way. Sometimes you need to vary and adjust based on your goals. It is far better to train all parts of the body and not over focus. If you want to set up a business. Implement habits of working on your business as much as in your business. And even those – consider different angles. On the one hand, this will ensure that you are not getting bored (which is really important) and on the other hand, that you will not get lazy and hyper focused. The variation in focus will guarantee that you are alert, that you are always look at the big picture. So, implementing habits is vital. But checkin’ in on them and varying what you do is just equally important. So maybe make it a habit to set aside 30min each day for working on the business or working out each morning. So, it becomes a habit to sit down at the computer free from the days troubles or it becomes a habit to dash out the door or put on the running shoes. Make the motion a habit, but vary the content. 

Principle #3 Resilience

And sometimes, a habit will not lead to anything. Maybe the goal you achieved implementing the habit, backfires or doesn’t get you where you want or your efforts get interrupted by external unforeseeable forces. It happens – we are human. And that is what resilience is for. 

It means that your habits stick and that you are able to vary them according to your circumstances. Say, you build a business, but the industry bubble you were operating in, bursts and you are back at square one. Don’t throw in the towel -keep your habits and you will reach your earlier business success so much quicker this time. Or say, you have an accident and cannot work out anymore and need to re-build muscles and flexibility. Stick with your habits, stick with implementing these daily little efforts – even if it feels you will never get to anywhere ever again. Focus on the dedication, on the habits. The accumulated effect of those is unparalleled and can get you anywhere in life. 

With all my love!




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