Give me more of the F-Word

And that is probably not the one you are thinking of

Hi, I'm Kat!
What I am most passionate about is to inspire you to see that your life is your own and biggest masterpiece.

I mean the big old buddy FUN that I had forgotten about like forever. 

I guess most parents juggling kids and work and side hustles have forgotten to really have FUN – spelled in neon signs and blinking. Quite honestly, what is fun for you? 

I was not able to answer this question. I simply wasn’t. What is fun for ME? I know that other people have fun, but I couldn’t seem to find out what fun is for me personally. Probably because I had forgotten to have fun – a long time ago. I am pretty sure I had fun as a kid, but it surely ended when I was in puberty. I was really troubled then. And I recall being known for my laughing fits in university, you know, this deep belly laugh that just couldn’t be stopped. Someone brought my laughter back back then, I do remember this because I did say it like this. Obviously, I started a relationship with this person and I loved him very much. Long story short, it didn’t last forever. And I can remember laughing fits every now and then … but, then I got married and got kids. And it kinda stopped. I can’t tell you how exactly. But something in me got shut up, got silenced, got numb. If you have ever survived on little to no sleep whilst being completely overwhelmed by the responsibility you were shoved into without proper preparation – then you might be able to relate. I dwindled into post-partum depression; I was at my low point. And I cannot say that I magically have risen to be a supermom. I struggle. Still. Every day. 

And I have climbed out bit by bit slowly but steadily. And have decided to make fun the center of my life. When I die, I want to be able to look back and say “That was fun” and move on into the next chapter, whatever that might be. 


How do you get back to having fun?

  • Have some fun friends – friends that are up to anything, that you never feel embarrassed with. Schedule regular dinner dates, coffee dates or running time with them.
  • Challenge yourself with things you never tried. If you are set in a routine and will stuck, without fun or anything to look forward to – force yourself to get our of our comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be bungee jumping right at the beginning, but try a sport that you cannot see yourself doing, like pole dancing or hurdle racing. Try laser tag or geocaching, try impro theatre or open mic, go to the club you normally would not go to – just get our of your routine. This will immediately heighten our level of fun – because your experiences are richer, you have new frameworks to describe your every day, you can relate things in a new way, you have a new outlook on life – and most importantly, you feel ALIVE … and that is the prerequisition for having fun. If you feel dull and stuck – no way, can you have fun
  • Find the best comedians for your type of humour. Comedians I feel are some of the most important people. I binge-watch Netflix specials religiously and I thoroughly enjoy them. And hardly anything excites me just as much as finding a new great comedian. Eddie Izzard, Elisa Schlesinger, Trevor Noah and Chelsea Handler are just some of those that have made me giggle and snap out of any bad mood
  • Find the music that really lifts you up, that makes you sing and dance and simply enjoy the moment – because this is what fun is all about
  • Most importantly, allow yourself to have fun. If you are anything like me – you might have forbidden yourself to have fun, to enjoy. Maybe because you think you don’t earn it, you are not good enough, pretty enough or smart enough to deserve it or any other BS that is going on in your mind. Just realise that this one life is really short and there is no other time than now to fully enjoy and have fun. Make this a priority.

With all my love!




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