Are you lucky?

Ever wondered how to get lucky? And why some people seem to attract luck?

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What is luck? Some people do believe in it, some don’t. But what does Oxford Dictionary say about luck?

“Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.”

So, there are three parts to this definition that I want to talk about a bit more. 

First: Actions. Second: your own or alignment. Third: By chance aka forces outside of yourself


1) Actions

So, first our own actions. It doesn’t matter whether you are a die hard faithful believer in God, Universe, Source, the Divine or whatever higher power you believe in, OR completely agnostic not believing in anything: Actions do produce results. You do need to take action to make things happen. To me, it’s the law of transmutation, one of the laws of the universe. Energy NEVER evaporates, it is just changed, it is transmuted. So, if you put energy into an action, into an effort to produce something, something is going to change, to move, to transform. And if the action is in alignment with what you want to achieve, then this action will move you further along this journey. Be it by increments or strides – it doesn’t matter. And the accumulated effect of an action over time is going to get you closer to achieving the specific result you are after. That is why habits are so powerful. It is constant movement towards a wanted result. 

Can you receive a result without action but pure luck? I do not think so.  In order to have a healthy, fit body we need to put in the work at the gym and eat better. We do not expect to wake up one morning and – by pure luck – have the body of our dreams, right? 

The same is true with job applications, financial situations and romantic relationships.

When it comes to job applications and interviews, there are several factors at play. You have your education, your background – that is no luck, that has also been accumulated action on your side. Which courses did you enrol in? Did you do a master’s degree? Did you do a doctorate? What working experience have you done? These are all actions on your side that have gotten you to where you are now. Then, there is your motivation to apply there. Is it just the money? Is it the company culture? Is it because of the brand recognition? Is it because of what you can learn? Why is it? What is your motivation for it that propels you into action? How much time and effort did you bring to the application, to the letter of motivation? 

Same goes for your finances. We tend to look at others who seem to be better off, thinking that they are lucky. Maybe that they have the advantage of rich parents which we also trace back to luck. But, history is full with examples of rich people that have lost all their money, heirs to large fortunes who gambled it all away, lottery winners who ended up just where they were before. It is not luck that will get people into a financially stable position. It’s actions over time. Where do you want to go? Which financial resources do you want to build? By when? And how? You need knowledge about what is available, then create the action. And the results will come. 

And the same is true with relationships. You need to take action in order to find a partner. Actions could be signing up for a dating service, going out regularly with a diverse group of friends, trying new things, talking to new people. If you just sit at home watching rom-coms, that prince charming of yours probably ain’t coming riding through your door anytime soon. 

So, we are clear: If you want a result (especially a desired one), you need to take action!

2) Alignment

But what about alignment? Alignment means that the actions you take are in alignment with your desires. And that’s where it gets tricky!

Because there are two desires that we need to talk about: 

Ego-driven desires and higher(inner) self-driven desires. 

Ego-driven desires are the ones that you think you SHOULD check off the list because society,/friends/family have made you believe that this is what you need to do. For example, I have always  thought I need to work in a big corporation with a big brand name and earn a big fat psycheck because this is what I was made to believe. That this is what I should do. 

Reality check: This is not who I am. I am a creative, I am a free spirit, I love my own timing and rhythm. My heart’s desire is not the big corporation. And that’s why basically all my applications to such brands and companies fell flat. The intention behind them wasn’t the right one. Energetically, the action did not match up. And that’s why all the effort, the action did not pay off. 

Desires driven by your higher self on the other hand, are so much more powerful. They come from your most inner core. They are the ones that have been with you for what seems like forever. They might be counterintuitive, they might go against what others or society in general think. But they fill your heart with joy and energy and purpose. These are your REAL desires as I call them. Those that are true to you, to you purpose and your goals. 

So, aligned action means that you are putting energy towards your innermost goals. And thereby realise your dreams. As some of the actions might seem small but accumulate over time, you might feel lucky to be able to do the things that fill you up, to reap the results of our actions. You feel lucky because you are in tune with yourself, you are in tune with your life and your inner self. 

Others  don’t see the efforts, they don’t see the alignment. They just see the result and want this for themselves – deeming you to just have luck. Because then, they don’t have to invest the time and energy. Maybe, they are scared of it. There are a trillion reasons why they try to shun you and your efforts. They might be closed off from their own desires, have muffled the voice inside, maybe their self-image does not allow for them to see themselves as lucky and happy and in tune with life, maybe they are resistant to their callings. And seeing you being able to reap the benefits just makes them jealous. Maybe they don’t even see the connection between aligned action and results. 

3) Chance or some force outside of you

The third element of the Oxford definition was “chance”, which I would like to describe as some force outside of you. Something that you cannot influence. And to some degree that is true. There are forces outside of us. As I have dove deeper into the woo-woo in the last year, I have come to understand a little bit of what is going on. So, as I see it (now, I must add), is that we are all coming from source, like the big bang, right? There was this bang, this eruption of energy and since then the universe is expanding. And we all, humans, animals, nature, we all have come from this, from this energy, we are all connected. Spirits, bodies, minds, everything. And we are compromised of energy. So, when you look at an atom through a microscope, you will see that the atom is 99,9% energy and only a tiny fraction of matter. Everything around us, our whole reality is compromised of atoms and thus energy that are vibrating at different frequencies, so have different vibrations. And, as the law of vibration and the law of attraction state – what vibes together comes together. Whatever has the same frequency will be attracted to one another. That is the theory. What does that mean in reality though? 

The way I see it, there are three different vibrations that we have to have a look at when we are looking at a specific outcome that we would like to attract or achieve. The one of our ego desire, the one of our inner desire and the one the outcome has. 

The more we can calm the ego-desire, the clearer our inner desires frequency will come through, the more likely it is that we attract the inner desired outcome. But if our ego desire and our inner desire are not in unison and are contradicting, the frequencies are just going to be all over the place. Like if you played two songs at the same time. Who can actually get the lyrics, the meaning of that? Well, it is unlikely that this frequency will match any clear and desired outcome. It will become messy. And that happens to a lot of people who are trying to force some ego-driven goals that are not in alignment with who they are – and their lives get messy. Been there, done that. But, if your frequency is clear and aligned and matches the desired outcome – just energetically. Miracles can happen. Things start to align, possibilities open up that you wouldn’t have dreamed of. 

Be accountable for your life

And that is what people like to describe as chance. Because that keeps them not accountable for what is happening in their lives. That means they can stay inactive, blame others and be a victim. But life is about being in charge. My view on the world might be strange but I will let you in on it, maybe it helps you see the bigger picture. I see it as if we are all players in a game. We are spiritual beings that choose a certain incarnation to conquer a limiting belief, a challenge. Just like you would choose a certain level of a video game because you want to finally manage to cross that last challenge before entering the cave for the holy grails or something (I am not a video gamer one can tell). And we are given an assignment, which I see as our inner desires. Although we think many others have the same desires that we have, we are most likely unique in the set of desires that we have. Because they are ours.But, once we are incarnated as babies, we don’t consciously know this assignment anymore. We are this perfect innocent creature in a certain set of circumstances that might be helpful or damaging. And, just like we have allies and enemies in any video game, you will have the universe and its forces, be they angels or spirits or just energy  they will respond to your energetic make-up, to your alignment and channeling of energy – and that will seem like some force outside of ourself. But, you can influence these forces by your alignment, by you listening to your inner desires and callings. Your inner desires, your assignment in this human experience is our guiding light and wants to come to the surface to let you find the right way. And you have to listen to it, be in alignment with it, find the right actions to bring it to life. And when you look back on your deathbed, you can say: Cool, did it!  

This might sound really superficial, but it takes the stress away from the ego-driven desires. At least for me. That is how I relate to this force outside myself. This is how I see the laws of the universe in a playful way that takes away from this sometimes very harsh ego-driven, materialistic  view on the world that we get confronted by in the media. Don’t get me wrong – I like materialistic things just like the next person. But they are not the goal, they are not the means to achieve fulfilment. They are just things that are present in our human existence and will align with us eventually, if we are in alignment with who we are. 

With all my love!




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