Screw 'Good Enough'

Why you should eliminate these words from your vocabulary

Hi, I'm Kat!
What I am most passionate about is to inspire you to see that your life is your own and biggest masterpiece.

Two words we should do away with right now: Good enough!

How often have you thought? I am good enough. I am not good enough. This relationship is good enough. This job is good enough. 

Enough of good enough already!

You have this wonderful life to live it passionately, with zest and a fiery fire in your heart. “Good enough” is nothing you should tolerate in you vocabulary. Ever. 



Your relationship should never be “good enough”, your job should never be “good enough”, your flat should never be “good enough”. Good enough implies that you tolerate it, but don’t actually want it. That’s really a bad vibe, a victim mindset even. The universe will not respond well to it. Your relationships, your job and your surroundings should be extraordinary, invigorating and wonderful. 

Also, you are never “good enough”. You are extraordinary, a miracle, a unique combination of passions, talents and characteristics. You are not good enough – you are a freaking star! If you feel, you should do something because you hype yourself up to be “good enough” – maybe don’t do it. Wait until you have grounded yourself in the vibe of awesomeness. Because telling yourself you’re “good enough” will enforce the feeling of  “I am on shaky ground – I have just stepped into good and might fall out of it again”. It’s an unpleasant feeling – and both your mind and your body knows this. That’s why you feel uneasy and weird when telling yourself that. 

“Good enough” is a slippery road – a thin line between yes and no, wonderful and abysmal, staying or leaving. It doesn’t require any action or decision from your side. That’s why we like to use it. Stop it! Right now! 

Get the life you want – and screw good enough! 

With all my love!




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