How to Create a Successful Life: Structure and Flexibility

The essential concept to create an extraordinary life

Hi, I'm Kat!
What I am most passionate about is to inspire you to see that your life is your own and biggest masterpiece.

There are two important factors to building a great life I find. 

One is structure, the other is flexibility. And the combination of these two will allow you to create a unique and extraordinary life. 



Structure, to me, is the combination of decision and habits – these build the framework of your life. Whether you make decisions actively or do not take action (which usually is also a decision) and how you implement this decision throughout your habits. 

I once heard the metaphor that life is like a house. You build its structure, its foundation, its load-carrying beams and the interior design is the fun part and can be changed as many times as you want. And this stuck with me since that time (which I cannot remember). 

So, the structure are the basics, the things that will allow you to live, to settle, to provide you with sustenance in the long run. So what structures can you have? 

Job and finances

How are you earning money? Is that a good basis? Do you feel this is something you can live with and off for longer? That beam able to carry the load? The stresses that might come with? Are the time spent and the money earned in the right ratio? Are the working hours sustainable? If you negate any of these, the structure is not stable and you might need to rethink


Are you eating right? Is the way you take care of your health sustainable in the long run? Are you sleeping enough? Do you have enough time for sports? Your health is part of the structure and you need to implement. Maybe you need to get into the habit of getting up earlier, watching less TV, reading the nutrition labels on everything you buy, clock in eight hours each night, take supplements, cut back on sugar These are al l decisions, backed up by habits. 


What relationships are important in your life? How do you keep them thriving and flourishing? Which ones make you feel save and secure, loved and understood? These will be the fundaments of a healthy and happy life. If your relationships are toxic and full of drama, your foundations become a bit more rocky and unstable. 


What makes you feel secure? What are the decision that you can make that will allow you to create a style basis that is making you feel grounded in who you are and who you want to be. Meaning: What are your staples? Are you more the classic suit person or rather a bohemian natural flamboyant? What is making styling easy for you?

And this applies to all areas of your life: What are the basic decisions you are making in each field of your life and what habits and rituals are you implementing to keep them from becoming more nurtured and strong to make your foundation and your house of life strong and unshakeable? 


Once you have the structure in place, you have so much flexibility to have fun and to create a house that is even more beautiful and more in line with who you are than you ever dreamed of. You are allowed to be spontaneous, crazy or simply lazy. A solid structure will always allow you to be free in your additional decisions, habits and ideas. Without having to fear that everything will crumble. Because you structure is solid. Meaning – your house is not going to collapse if you are trying a new wall color, right? 

Job and finances

You have decided on your job at least for the foreseeable time, have decided on the employer and what hours you want to work – or you have decided on being self-employed, about your work hours and which habits and routines, automations and systems are going to bring the money in. For your baseline, for your life. I do not mean luxury per se. I mean the baseline for a good life. Now, you have flexibility to try things, to add things, to play with certain elements. Maybe you want to start a side-business, maybe you want to invest? Maybe you want to create a bigger team. As long as your structure is solid you are free to play the game. 


If you have solid routines and structures in place for good sleep, healthy nutritious food, movement and mental health, you are free to play. You can have the ice cream or have a pizza night because you know your basic structure is going to hold this. If you take care of your mental health you know that you can face adversity and challenges. If you take care of your sleep, you know that you have energy for projects that might demand extra much focus. You are also free to play in the sense of – what sports can you add and try? What foods can you try to expand your life experience? What habits and routines can you try on for a while knowing that your baseline will always support your health?


If you have your relationship structures in place and you know how to nourish your need for belonging just as much as the demanding flower of friendship and community. You are flexible to find new circles that complement you and your friends, you are open to try new and fun things to brighten up your friendships. You are free to be spontaneous with your life because you are deeply connected throughout the structures, you know you can count on your friends. Same goes with your marriage. If you have put effort into your marriage or the relationship with your significant other, you know that you will manage even the bad times. You can be yourself and do the things that you as an individual need for your mental and physical well-being knowing that your relationship is on solid ground and you don’t have to second- guess. 


If you have your basic style structure in place, you are free to play and experiment, knowing that the basis is always going to work in your favour. You can add accessories, colors, hairstyles, trends and just have fun with it. 

So, I find, the more structure I have in my life, the more flexibility, fun and spontaneity finds its way into my life. So, to all the people who think that structures and routines are going to constraint you and your spontaneity – maybe you want to rethink this. 

With all my love!




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