We are multidimensional

Why it's good to show your expertise in more than one niche

Hi, I'm Kat!
What I am most passionate about is to inspire you to see that your life is your own and biggest masterpiece.

We are multidimensional. 

That should be like so obvious, but somehow that has been something frowned upon or a long time. I was reminded of that just today when someone that I studied with posted something on LinkedIn. She is a really successful marketing executive now but has actually studied fashion design alongside myself in Milan. So, she posted a painting today, and believe me she paints beautifully, about her migraine. I know that she is a gifted painter and designer but I also know that she is a smart and strategic marketing manager. So, she has more than one side to her – doesn’t mean she is less capable in one than the other. 


Same for moms, the common perception is that they are less capable because they are perceived as having the main job mom. Reminder: they are as capable as before, just the structures don’t favour multi-disciplinary people that have more than one business or job. In the business world we often here to niche down, to target the niche, to become the expert in one field. Yes, I do agree that people want to pay for expertise and that they want to be sure that the person they are trusting with their health, money, relationships or finances is an expert. But, newsflash, you can be an expert and not do this one thing 24/7. You CAN be good at more than one thing, you can have multiple businesses, you can have multiple careers. We are all multidimensional. Some focus more of their time on just one thing and have only some hobbies that they inconsequentially follow up with, others are structured and are lit up by many different topics and areas. This should not be perceived as a flaw, but as a sign of determination, a broad concept of things that will probably help with many challenges, the capability of thinking outside the box and flexibility. Being a multi-faceted or multi-passionateprofessional is also a good thing for the economy – we are more capable of financing our retirement (if we want to retire at all), we are hardly ever reliant on social welfare and we are keen on getting things up and running – contributing to the overall wealth and stability. 

So, being a multi-faceted professional today is an asset. Although the big companies really have to catch up. I know that I have been kicked out of several SAP based HR systems because my CV didn’t match the straight CV they were looking for. But if you listen to the voices of the Gen Z start-ups – they could not care less. They care about if you are capable of getting things done, if you are passionate – they want you to bring some extra flavour and not the expected same old stuff taught in school and university. I think we all have to become more human and more transparent on who we are. That does not make us less professional, but more relatable. 

And the best: If you as a multi-passionate professional get seen by others and are confident in who you are, you are on the right track to a purposeful, unique and extraordinary life. So, my challenge: If you have a side project unrelated to your employment – make it seen on all platforms. Be you everywhere you go. Do not compartmentalise. Live the extraordinary life that you were born to.  

With all my love!




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