What is unapologetically extraordinary?

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Hi, I'm Kat!
What I am most passionate about is to inspire you to see that your life is your own and biggest masterpiece.

Why is this show called “Unapologetically Extraordinary”?

Because the world needs you to become the person you are meant to be – not the one you think you need to be. Each one of us is unique – just the way we are. And that is a good thing. We all bring different perspectives to the table – it is absolutely invaluable. I want all women to stop struggling with beauty standards or comparisons as they will always end up with the short stick anyways. There is no need because no one has ever been able to fulfil an idolised standard.

It is time to fight to be absolutely extraordinary – to not be pressed or even trying to be pressed into a corner, into a standard, into a stereotype, into an image. It is time to stand up for yourself, to be just YOU – unapologetically! Because, in the wider scheme of things, I believe this is the only way we can finally live happy fulfilled lives… AND save the world at the same time. Quite great, right?


With all my love!




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