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How to build a life of purpose and find your calling

Hi, I'm Kat!
What I am most passionate about is to inspire you to see that your life is your own and biggest masterpiece.

How do you find your calling, your purpose in life and success on your terms? 

Listen to this episode and find out what My Little Pony has to do with it and learn about the 5 important ingredients for finding success and happiness in life.

  • The things that come most naturally to you are the ones that are part of your calling, your purpose and your success. We usually are just to accustomed to things coming easy
  • Don’t fight your circumstances, don’t fight for your happiness. Go “downstream” or “with the flow” – the easier the journey, the more joyful the outcome. 
  • Try as many things as you can possibly do. The best things and adventures juts lie right outside of your comfort zone. Go there. Reach our limit. Find out what you are made of. 
  • Follow the things that enthuse you, that excite you and do more of them. A life of purpose is filled with excitement, joy and love. Go out and find those!
  • Having a calling and a purpose does not equal financial success. A calling and a passion is supposed to fill you with joy and happiness, to enrich your life and to guide you to a path that is wholly your own. Whether you can be of service with it and therefore yeah financial success, is not at the centre of the question. It might take some time to find your way, to form a path that is fully your own – and then you might be able to be of service. Don’t make this the purpose of your quest. Do what brings you joy

I hope this makes you want to try all the things and go for what excites you!

With all my love!




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